... yes, it's true: at the Gruden.residence time flies by. Open-air activities and recreation heal body and soul. To become young again through the vacation? That's good.





                     The Gruden restaurant.residence is located on the Carsic highland outside the city of Trieste. During your  permanence you can join interesting excursions through touristic and historical areas of Europe-wide interest. No more than 10 minutes away lays the "Rilke" footpath going all the way to the castle of Duino. Sea lovers will find their satisfaction too. The nearby Sistiana bay offers sailing, boat excursions, windsurfing; otherwise you can relax lulled by thesussurration of a transparent sea around you. Horse-riding is scheduled too, jointly with local operators. Children have their dedicated areas warranting their utmost fun and ensuring their parents the peace of mind of a safe and protected playground. Gastronomy is our point too. Local locandas and trattorias will surprise you with tipical specialities of Mitteleuropa's cuisine.